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Millennials Are Running My Life…Who Are These People

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

Yes, I might be a little bit long in the tooth, but I still know which end is up. And what’s up are all these kids I’ve raised, these Millennial beings who seem to go about life looking through a completely different set of glasses than I wear. They’re smart and spontaneous, (not that I’m not) and they’re constantly evolving from one Tweet, Blast, Like, #Tag and Post to another, and so are those grandkids. So to have a conversation with any of them I’ve got to get their attention first…and I’m their mother. Grandmillennial, if you please. If I have a hard time capturing their attention for longer than a minute at a time I couldn’t help but start thinking about what a headache marketing and advertising to this group must be. I fancy myself a little bit of an audio marketing and advertising whiz, since that is what my chosen field happens to be. Low and behold I set out to pick the brains and dissect these cagey Millennials, for the sake of grocery retailers and advertisers alike, and why not start out with mine.

They are a diverse group without saying, the naturalist, the uber hard working over-achiever and the socially conscious minded one. What I’ve found is that while they are all drastically different in ideology and philosophy these Millennial beings seem to have a lot more in common than I might have originally thought when I first started this venture. I couldn’t help but think how I could apply my new found knowledge to my day to day work. Am I the only one who is now having to rethink my approach to marketing to a whole new generation of consumers? Mind you, consumers who are rapidly taking over the market. The answer was simple, I’m not alone. And so my journey begins….from my Grandmillennial marketing and advertising perspective.



Blue Skies Everyone


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