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We know that the right messaging at the right time can drive results for your business. Audio marketing supports the soundscape of your business by creating a customer experience that directs passive listening into taking action. The time to build your audio content strategy is now!

“Listen carefully: now’s the time to add audio content to your content marketing strategy. If you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to think about their ears as well as their eyes.” – Robert Katai, Buzzsumo

“Sound is becoming a key channel alongside watching or streaming TV. It is also being cross-pollinated with other channels creating media ecosystems.” – JWT Intelligence Future 100 report

“Advertisers will have to introduce audio strategies to match the importance afforded to the brands’ visual channels. More versatility, customization, and localization of audio content will be needed to make sure the brand identity stays consistent.” – Mikko Matikka on Ogilvy trend report



Our service products are designed to help retailers reach their customers through targeted messaging and custom music playlists. Our knowledgable team provides dedicated support and guidance to help you achieve maximum results.

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Audio Solutions

Our flagship service products are designed to provide the best in-store and on-hold audio experience for your customers. We support our clients by delivering on their audio vision, so they can focus on what they do best.


Our audio marketing solutions are used by some of the best retailers in the nation. From small to large businesses, we’ve been providing unparalled service and products to help you communicate your brand’s voice since 2000.


We know how valuable time is to our clients. From impossible deadlines and last-minute changes, our dedicated in-house team of professionals is here to support you when you need it.

Break Through the clutter of visual marketing

Break Through the clutter of visual marketing

Our audio platforms provide the opportunity to stand out in a crowded visual space to drive brand engagement with your customers. Tailored to your brand’s needs, our all-in-one solutions provide major label music and advertising messaging. 

Customized Ads


Happy Wholesalers


for any market

overhead messaging & music

on-hold messaging

phone menu prompts

streaming music

creative content development

Get the best, all-in-one, platform for major label music, branded advertisement and banner messaging delivery to your customers. Learn More
Professional custom messages for your callers that are waiting on hold. Providing your brand with targeted and helpful messaging. Learn More
phone menu
Professional voiceovers for phone greetings that optimize call flows for customers and improve experience. Learn More
creative content
Reach your customers with effective and creative copywriting. Our trained staff will develop an original concept that disaplys your brand voice best. Learn More
Create the perfect environment with music that represents your brand. We offer affordable and fully customizable streaming music playlists. Learn More

Learn How Audio Marketing Can Help 

Learn How Audio Marketing Can Help

We’ve been talking about it for years! Audio marketing is the solution for enhancing your current visual marketing campaigns while providing direct call-to-action at the point-of-purchase. Click on the images below to learn industry secrets for success.

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