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Phone Menu Prompts

Give your customers the best in-call experience with professionally developed phone prompts that provide efficient navigation and valuable information. A branded phone call experience helps welcome your caller and guide them to the right directory. We offer a full suite of services for call-centers. Our Phone Menu Prompt service is affordable and fast with a dedicated representative helping you every step of the way!

Auto Attendants

Your phone tree menu is an important aspect of your business. With professionally produced and custom auto attendant greetings, you can enhance the caller experience by integrating a well-produced phone menu that reduces caller and organizational wait time.

Phone Prompts

Help callers navigate options using their phone with scripted announcements! Highly customizable, these prompts help by providing greetings, department options, account information store locations & directions and foreign language options.

Voicemail Greetings

Voice mail greetings can help establish brand identity and consistency for your organization. By utilizing professionally recorded greeting, you can present your business the way you want to be perceived.

why it’s important for your business:

  • enhance caller experience
  • build a branded identity
  • help caller navigate phone menu efficiently
  • route callers to the right extension
  • prevent misrouted calls
  • route multi-lingual callers
  • manage operator and agent productivity

how we can help:

  • project management/production
  • talent roster
  • multi-lingual voices
  • scriptwriting
  • creative content development
  • fast turn-around time
  • support with implementation
  • a dedicated Adergy representative
  • plus more!

getting started is easy!

1. contact Adergy!

2.  get a script

3. pick a voice

4. deploy to phone system

We are a professional team of script writers, creative content developers, audio producers and voice talent! We offer single, multi-location and enterprise plans with fast production turn-around times! We have over 32 years of experience in the business and look forward to serving you!

fast turn-around

Multi-lingual voices

no contracts

competitive pricing

professional delivery

listen to our audio samples

Our clients have generated significant results with our Phone Menu Prompts. Click on the audio below to hear how we can create a direct call-to-action for your customers.

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real estate







…plus so much more!

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No part of Adergy’s service process is outsourced, allowing us to promptly provide you complete beginning-to-end service and support. Our team manages every aspect of our audio content delivery system.




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