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Get the best, all-in-one, platform for major label music, branded advertisement and banner messaging delivery to your customers. These competitive advantages allow our company to offer the best quality and service to our customers.

innovative solutions

Tune-in to customized audio advertising and music content delivery! Adergy’s flagship service is to energize your sales floor by communicating relevant, time-sensitive, beneficial offerings, promotions and loyalty benefits to your primary customers… the one’s currently shopping on your sales floor!

tailored advertising

Get the ability to drive in-store sales and promotions. Our tailored marketing approach allows your store to incorporate audio advertising through your ceiling speakers. 


Our media player is a smart, small, surface-mount unit. Made in the USA, energy efficient, user-friendly and consistent performance.

expert production & delivery

We become your team of talented, creative and professional ad content writers, multi-lingual voice talent and account managers. We manage every aspect of our audio content delivery system for you. Our team uses state-of-the-art recording equipment and audio editing software, all conveniently centralized at our office. Ad recordings can be turned around in 48 hours or less! No part of our service process is outsourced; this allows us to promptly provide you complete beginning-to-end support with a direct contact.

risk-free introduction

Try us risk-free, for up to 12 months, while under contract with another provider under our Bridge Program. Be confident in knowing you have the right audio marketing solutions, turnkey management system and top-notch service with us.


With Adergize, you have a great opportunity to drive store revenue through our Neighborhood Connection program. Get paid directly by selling 30-second spots of commercial airtime to your vendors and complementary local businesses.

listen to our audio samples

Our clients have found much success with integrating audio advertising into their in-store shopping environment. Click on the audio below to hear how they create a direct call-to-action for their shoppers.

Offering music that is fully-licensed for commercial use; censored for lyrics and content. Featuring a wide array of mixable genres sure to fit your store atmosphere with complete control at your fingertips!

We provide affordable access to hundreds of music genres to create an atmosphere your shoppers are sure to enjoy. The right music can have a positive impact on your customers in-store experience, influencing purchasing decisions and increasing shopping time. Our music program enhances your store ambiance and brand image. Contact us to learn more about our music options!

retailer success case study

How Honey’s Marketplace Wins With Adergy

Honey’s Marketplace joins a  unique community and owner, Susan Honey, knows it is important to promote it. To accomplish the task, Adergy set the tone of the store with a genre of music that conveys the “feel” of Honey’s brand. Then, we created a series of personalized messages that tells the story of Honey’s community, Susan’s passion for Disneyland and Rusty, their little rust bucket Mascot that is known throughout the community. We incorporated educational spots on foods, gluten-free recipes from their website, health benefit features and support for local causes. Susan understands the importance of creating an experience and incorporating a personal-feel that their customers can’t get on-line. Honey’s identity has now transformed into a tangible experience that has increased brand loyalty.  For Honey’s, the Adergy platform has provided an affordable sensory option for creative marketing and enhanced store environment.

Success with Adergy Overhead Messaging & Music Platform

This is YOUR affordable and easy option to start implementing custom advertising into your store. You are in control of how often and what messaging is playing. Our music content delivery system provides the option to create your own playlist and choose music that best suits your customers and your brand. Drive engagement with Adergy!

  • Increased Promotional Offerings Sales – 90%
  • Increased Shopper Engagement – 77%
  • Increased Social Following – 85%

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No part of Adergy’s service process is outsourced, allowing us to promptly provide you complete beginning-to-end service and support. Our team manages every aspect of our audio content delivery system.

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