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Make Up Your Mind Why Don’t You …Exactly What Brand Do You Like?

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

Open my pantry and you’ll know exactly without a doubt what brands I like. I don’t mess around. There is a certain amount of comfort in knowing “my” brands have been there for me for years…it’s emotional for me. I love them and they love me. Now take a peek into my daughter’s pantry. Go ahead, open it, but be prepared to be assaulted by brands and products you’ve never heard of before, a lot of store private label products (arg…what is she thinking) and maybe a smattering of brand name products I “know and love” (a small amount of redemption in my eyes). I’m so confused though, where did I go wrong? Where’s the love, where’s the passion? Did I not raise her right? OMG, what about the boys? I hope at least their wives have straightened them out.

Not the case. I know because I looked for myself…well actually I did a quick peek lest my daughter in laws caught me snooping. Turns out, there is a whole new transition is occurring within our Millennials and its setting precedents and shaping the products we are seeing on the shelves. Who knew they had that power and sway. I surely didn’t. They are moved by brands that are cause driven and products that stress their innovation. Most surprising of all to me was the drastic increase in perception of private label store brand.  Something like 89% of Millennials believe their local grocers brand is as good as a national brand, and 50% of them purchase it. Radically on the other side is their desire to try new and international foods. No fear of mixing diverse culinary cultures together. Fusion on a whole new level. I see products on my store shelf that even I have to google.

Let’s just say it….They are obsessed with food. They take pictures of their food, they gather together and cook…it’s a real communal and social event. A real expression of themselves. And they try new and exciting products all the time. So it stands to reason that their shopping preferences may not be as cut and dry as my fellow Baby Boomers have been. Maybe it’s time for us (the grandmillennials) to branch out and live a little more creatively with our brand choices…..or better yet, maybe we can just get more invites to dinner from our kid’s.



Blue Skies Everyone

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