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These are some of our most commonly asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions you might have!

How often do my messages play?

How often an audio message plays each day is directed by you, there is no limit. For a price and product promotion we recommend one every 6 minutes, but that is completely up to each business.

What kind of audio spots can you make?

If you can dream it up, we can make it. We have an in-house recording studio with a stable of voice talent, sound effects, and music beds at our disposal to assist us in creating ear catching, informative and entertaining audio messaging. From weekly product promotions to local events and charitable organization promo’s we can do it all.

How do I send in my ads or ad sheet?

Since no two businesses are a like we work with you individually to identify what works the best for you whether it be text message, email, or fax. Most subscribers simply email an ad sheet, list of messages & products or ad slick to their Account Manager.

Do I have to script my own audio spots?

No. As part of your base service all subscribers have a designated Account Manager that works directly with our talented content creation team in-house to script all the content you need. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

How often can I change my messages and promotions?

Most promotions are changed out on a weekly basis, but there is no limit when or how often audio spots can be changed. In addition to weekly price and product promotions most retailers have several messages running that feature services, departments, branding and digital services that play continuously.

How many days before a message or promotion plays do I need to send it in to my account manager?

For timely scripting and productions, we ask that weekly promotions be sent in 5 days prior to the run date. We will always make exceptions for those last-minute submissions that pop up.

Can I remove a song from my playlist?

Yes, you can. A simple call or message to your Account Manager requesting a song removal is all it takes.

Are the channels of music censored?

With over 86 channels to choose from you can have the music genres that suit your clientele. Adergy offers a huge selection of censored family friendly for the retail and business industry. All genres are identified with censored for easy selection.

Can I stop a promotion early if I sell out of product?

Yes, simply notify your Account Manager and within minutes the audio spot will be removed from your playlist and schedule.

Can I change my own music?

With our streaming unit you have 20 channels at your fingertips. Simply toggle down on the unit to the genre you want and press the OK button. 5 seconds later you are listening to your desired channel.

Is there a limit to how many audio spots I can run?

There is no limit to the quantity of messaging and promotions you run each week.

If I have a firewall, can I still use your media player?

All Adergy media units are shipped after going through quality control where they are configured for your firewall network with assigned static IP addresses for an easy plug and play installation.

What do I do if I need customer service?

Give us a call. We have a fully staffed Tech Department as well as an Operations Manager and Account Managers here to assist you. You will always reach a live person within 2 rings. After hours are monitored by management staff that will return all calls.

Can I reach customer service over the weekend?

Just leave a message when you call or chat with us through Facebook or our website and a live person will call you back shortly.

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