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Are My Kids Changing My Shopping Attitude?

Written by LeeAnn Taylor

November 5, 2019

I’ve actually put a lot of thought into what I’ve been buying lately. Good grief, have my kids actually gotten inside of my head? As I have steadily been aging so have my Millennials….only the impact is vastly different. While I am getting more sedentary in almost all areas of my life, they are out there maturing, earning more money and procreating those beautiful babies I love so much. I hadn’t really realized the actual shift in power that had already occurred until recently. Those shifts have translated to almost every market and industry out there. Millennials have taken control folks. Those teenage monsters who just a few years ago couldn’t find a laundry basket to save their lives are now running your world….and I’m learning a thing or two from them? I’m kinda scared.

While shopping last week I found myself buying an Artisanal cheese (yummy) and looking for some local strawberries and honey for myself (allergies).Yes, I’m cheap by nature, and everyone knows it. So this must come as a complete shock to my family. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing more locally sourced products in my store, maybe some of my kids perceptions are actually rubbing off on me. Am I open minded and buying into a transition of  “local” sustainability in products and maybe even trying some “foodie” foods too? Either way I just did it… and it wasn’t even painful! So here’s my question….Am I alone out here? Am I the only one who is starting to be influenced by the trends the Millennials are forging? Am I willing to pay more for fresh and healthier foods sometimes? Apparently I am. I can remember my first time like it was yesterday…. I actually made a conscious though about what I was buying when I made my very first “natural” food purchase. I remember it well because it was for one of my grandbabies. That’s how they got me. They had found my Achilles Heel and finally found a way to get in my head….they had used “my love” against me. From there I think it just started to morph within me. But as I look around I don’t think I’m alone here. I’ll never be fully converted over to the Millennial grocery mindset so don’t get too excited, hey I’m a Baby Boomer by nature. But I can feel the impact they are starting to have on me. And luckily my Independent Grocer has the upper hand, the flexibility to adapt with new concepts in a way mass market grocers can’t maneuver through as quickly. The old dogs are paying attention kids, we’re listening….and make your kids pick up their clothes for goodness sake.



Blue Skies Everyone

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