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Can My Boomer Mindset Make The Right Marketing Decisions To Attract Millennials…

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

Sure you can! Us old dogs learn new tricks all the time. Replace TV with Facebook, radio with text blasts and newspaper with email marketing…you’re half way there. This little roadmap I’ve been creating this month really does have a destination.

Think about it? You can’t swing a cat by the tail these days without hitting a Millennial. They are EVERYWHERE. So let’s embrace them and not fear them. I’m sure our parents felt some of the same reservations as they watched us changing the course of history with our unconventional dancing and obnoxious music. How about the rebirth of the feminist movement and the new-fangled credit card? (which was surely going to be the death of us all) All these I’m sure we’re terrifying to our parents. They survived us… and we will survive Millennials.

There really are 3 keys to Millennial to Marketing.  Be Relevant, Be Social, Be Charitable.  How you choose to embrace these 3 concepts will determine your future success. Look at them as an opportunity you can take action on. Millennials can grow your business in a way that no others can, so take the opportunity while it exists. Make a decision today to make one change a month in how you market and operate as a grocer. Small baby steps… There’s no need to eat the whole elephant at once.

Let the Millennials you probably already employ offer up new avenues and engagement techniques that might appeal to their peers. Change things up….All around you is a cache of information and help to advise you along the way. I find that most of the Millennials I meet are pretty darn dynamic in their thinking, and if nothing else inspiring. So be inspired…




Blue Skies Everyone


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