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Providing customized audio advertising and music content delivery to independent and regional grocers, drugstores, financial institutions and retail businesses across the country.  Click on one of the boxes below to find out how to Adergize your business today.

Entertain and engage shoppers

Adergy's digital messaging entertains and engages shoppers while promoting weekly sales, specific product focus, and store or community events. Meanwhile seamlessly assisting marketing platforms currently in place. Such as boosting customer loyalty programs and social media campaigns, as well as e-commerce, coupon deals and email blasts.

We believe in providing attainable, professional solutions to independent and corporate retailers. Our store-specific audio marketing, media support, and store branding produces measurable results.

We're about Quality and Trust.


Adergy will provide the equipment needed to integrate our services into your existing store setup. What is more, we will maintain the unit, making repairs or replacements when necessary! We also pick up the tab for all the shipping, both ways!

No Installation Fees

Adergy 's technical support team will assist you in set up and installation once you've received your new equipment. Our small stylish unit is simple and non-intrusive. The unit will be located near your existing networking equipment.

No Production Cost

Our music and advertising plans are simple and affordable. Priority One is helping our clients succeed. It is by your growth, satisfaction and ROI that we measure our own success.

With that goal in mind, following the lead of other companies - with charges for production, scheduling, access and so on - seems counter productive.

Team Leaders

Who We Are

Tap into the vast audio advertising experience Adergy will bring to the table when we begin your road to omni-channel marketing success. In addition to the fantastic standard services we offer, we also make it easy! With programs in place to make adding or switching to Adergy's audio marketing technologies a breeze! Here are a few highlights, please, feel free to call us at 1-888-255-1105 or send us an email to learn more

Karin Sheridan

Director of Sales and Brand Merchandising

Karin joined Adergy almost by accident and completely on a whim in July of 2014. That’s when the fireworks happened.

LeeAnn Taylor

Vice President

As VP of Adergy, LeeAnn has found her niche and channeled her passion for people, communication and a creative drive into great work that engages target audiences and delivers proven results.

John Greenfield

CEO / President

Adergy is the unique and ever evolving creation of CEO and President John Greenfield. To understand Adergy is to understand John.


Take the next step and drive your brand results through the AdergizeMe app.

Our groundbreaking app software adds an additional level to your marketing plan and makes the recording of personalized audio ads a breeze.
Enhance your current advertisements and branding. Speak directly to your customers about your sales, events, promotions and more with ease. Elevate your branding with a favorite store employee, a local voice, or store owner with a personalized greeting or message. Promote last minute sales and short dated items to decrease shrinkage or give voice to a nutritionists or local farmers for added customer benefits. The uses and possibilities are unless.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“MDI Retail Automation Services has a great partnership with Adergy. Adergy provides great music for retail. It also provides the means to closely tie our stores to their local communities in ways the large box stores can’t. Adergy promotes in-store products and programs, reminding shoppers daily on how our stores drive value. The best thing about Adergy is their people and the partnership they provide. Adergy is easy.”

Mike Maynard , MDI

Manager, RAS Marketing & Implementation

“You can’t purchase enough Nielson Audio Points to speak to your primary customers more efficiently or effectively than you can with Adergy”.

Lee Armbuster Past Pres. of SHOP N’ SAVE, PA current multi-store owner

“Adergy has proven to be a valuable asset in our in-store advertising program. Adergy provides professional sounding ads that customers respond to. This includes regular ad items, our Food 2 Fuel Program and community events going on, and also our 3 day special sales. Any type of program or ad you want, Adergy can make it in short period of time. Their professional staff is always there to give you ideas and help promote your business. Adergy provides all of these services at a very reasonable cost. We would recommend Adergy to anyone wanting to increase their business by keeping their customers informed and ready to purchase.”

Gary G. – Iowa

“This program is simple to use, and gets your message out to customers. There’s nothing like hearing your personal message in the store. You can customize them however you please. Adergy is an asset to my company”.

Jackie Lawrence – Chief Marketing Officer Mac’s Fresh Markets

“We have recently signed with Adergy to do our in-store music mix and radio commercials. We are very pleased with the music mix that we were able to choose to play in our stores and the way Adergy associates do the in-store commercials. I was writing our own ads and recording them. Now our customers are able to hear commercials with different voices and a unique style that I feel will sell more product. Adergy also offers a Neighborhood Connection that allows area businesses to use our in-store radio to promote their businesses.”

Mark – Michigan

“I realized customers were listening to the commercials and asking where those items were. They (the ads) were working and I was motivated to do more… Today, we are not just selling a 48 cent pepper, but everything that you can make with it. Thank you for helping me sell more through your commercials.”

Bryan – Mississippi

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