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At Adergy, we are here to help you reach your shoppers by providing informative market tips and trends! Our resources are free and we welcome you to download and share.

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Adergy has been serving our clients for over 32 years! We offer various services to assist you in reaching your shoppers with effective communication tools that provide a 24% sales lift in your store!

Our Services Are Your Solution!

Did you know Adergy provides streaming music and overhead messaging? We can tailor music and messaging to help you reach your shoppers and connect them with your brand.

Are You Creating A Seamless Shopping Experience?

The customer shopping experience is evolving. Stay ahead of the competition by creating a seamless experience with EVERY customer touchpoint.

Are You Delivering The Best Shopping Experience?

A successful shopping experience strategy helps to achieve higher satisfaction rates, reduced customer turnover and drives revenues!

Are You Talking About What Matters To Your Shoppers?

The shopping experience is about COMMUNITY. Help your shoppers feel a part of their neighborhood and they will share their experience.

Insights By LeeAnn

Our President, LeeAnn Taylor knows a lot, I mean A LOT. Read more tips and trends from the Adergy blog and be entertained while learning!

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