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Those Are Perfectly Good Products……Why Are You Giving Them Away?

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

Apparently my daughter has lost her mind. Maybe it’s genetic, and if so I’m standing firm that it definitely comes from her father’s side of the family. No Taylor I know would ever just purge a whole pantry like she’s done with such callousness and disregard for the little green beans that sacrificed their lives, or the wheat that waved so proudly….simply because they weren’t grown in chemically free conditions?

While Megan is really going for it, especially with conventional hygiene and HBA products use of paraben ingredients, she is not alone here. I continue to see this mind set spreading more and more among Millennials and is certainly reflective in the latest 2015 grocery statistics and research from FMI and others. I personally know just enough about this particular topic to be dangerous and I’m not taking a stand one way or the other. I am, however, standing firm that you as an independent grocer should be aware of the topics and concerns that are spreading among the Millennials shopping your store. If you don’t carry a selection of these items there is eventually going to be a HUGE segment of your Millennials shoppers that will eventually get them from some place else….and with that goes an important percentage of your future shopper base.

Back in the day, bahaha, I love saying that….we’d give a four foot section the name “organic” and be done with it. Not so for the successful and trendy independents rising to the top today. Those organic and natural sections have expanded to the point of not being “sections” at all and are disbursed throughout the shelves in with conventional products. That says a lot about the variety and sheer magnitude of non-conventional products out there these days.

Think about this…your marketing should also reflect that you’re trending with the times as well. Let the Millennials know you’re growing with their wants and needs. Tag those items with shelf talkers and let them talk for you. Make it clear “you” are on point with product selection and variety. My daughter is a smart one and she’s not just going to walk into a Whole Foods and throw down a lot of coin to get these products she wants. She’s out there actively looking for what products you carry…. so make it easier and identify them for her. Fact is, she’s shopping around and finding the best prices on most of these products come right from local grocers with less mark up and better cost savings! Now that’s a store she can really get behind. And that store could just as easily be you.  Give her the opportunity to support you because you support her.  She’s not alone out their…she has legions of fellow Millennials trudging through this transition to a so called better “quality of living”….(Quality is in the eye of the beholder…..#GrandMillennial circa 2015) So let’s give them the quality they want, so no more little green beans have to sacrifice their lives in vain.

Blue Skies Everyone


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