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Is Ordering Thanksgiving Dinner Groceries On-Line Cheating Or Just Plain Smart?

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

For someone who has spent the better part of my life stalking the aisles gathering and hunting (just like our original forefathers) for the proper ingredients needed to prepare the “perfect” Thanksgiving  feast, you might think I’m going to say on-line shopping is cheating. Truth is it’s smart…and I’m a little ticked I didn’t think of it before now. Just think how much energy I could have saved and put towards my Black Friday marathon. Darn.

See, that’s the difference between the Boomers and the Millennials. They continue to think out of the box. Hands down they are more flexible in their eating habits and their landscapes for shopping. Time is valuable and a commodity to these brash forward thinkers. And if that time can be better used they are going to go the way of convenience and technology. So Kudos to them for stepping on out there. Quality of life means something completely different to my millennial kids and I respect the value they are placing on family, friends, social awareness and making time for traveling and recreation. Their time is prioritized differently because their original though processes are drastically different than mine and yours. So maybe ordering groceries on-line for pick up or delivery doesn’t seem so far-fetched now does it?

It shouldn’t, Millennials across the states are looking for these services from your store. I’ve said it time and time again, if you don’t engage Millennials in the “way” they want to be engaged, you will lose them. We see it every day, more and more big box and vertical chains introducing their on-line ordering platforms. That’s because they know they have to claim their share of the millennial market. (And we all know where the Millennial goes the Boomer follows)

I happen to know a few really dynamic and savvy guys that have developed apps and website ordering platforms just for the independent grocers. So getting engaged shouldn’t be a problem…once you’ve made up your mind whether you’re either in the game, or sitting on the sidelines watching from the bench. Don’t be a bench warmer; make a move now before all the Millennials are snatched up by those willing to make the moves needed to offer on-line ordering platforms. Years from now you’ll be happy you did…because “my” friends and I will be joining those millennials using your services eventually too.  Do I really to have to say it?  Yes…it’s because we’ll be just too darn old and tired to get up and go to the flipping store.


Blue Skies Everyone

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