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Help…I Need To Connect To These Millennials Socially And Don’t Know Where To Start

Written by Karin Sheridan

March 15, 2022

If I can figure out how to technically get into the social game…take my word for it, so can you. I’m no slouch but let’s face it, if my iphone thingy stops doing whatever it’s supposed to do or my computer starts acting up I call one of my kids or nieces PDQ. I’m no dummy…they can do this crap with their eyes closed, eating an ice cream cone and snap chatting all at once. I‘ve seen it.

A simple Google search on how to make a blog and one hour later I was up and going. It was almost too simple. I felt like the instructions were written just for me…Boomer proof. Once I overcame my fear of the unknown the rest started to come easily….and wham… I had a social presence with relatively no cost. Next…. tackle all these different multi-channel avenues I hear everyone talking about. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (I knew what that was), Snap Chat (no clue), Tumbler (something you drink from) and Yik Yak (a big furry animal with a cold apparently). First I had to understand what they were before I could get creative in how to use them. If I had a question about one of them I simply asked the first handy Millennial that came along. Again…simpler than I thought. Maybe I can do this…The good news is so can you!

I can well imagine the next logical question is, “Great LeeAnn, now that I have all these platforms what exactly am I to do with them?” I’m here to tell you that you’re only limited by your imagination. The sky is the limit but I suggest you start smaller. Recipes, pics of foods, health tips, healthy meals, news, charity events in your town, recognize employee birthdays or anniversary, fundraisers, new products, social consciousness….really any type of branding that Millennials will relate to. You can always ask Millennials close to you what they’d like to see. What interests them? The one word of caution I will offer is to not talk “about” grocery shopping per se. That’s not what they want to hear and will tune you out. Millennials want to hear about topics that inspire or speak to them while shopping, not the act itself. Like I’ve mentioned before…entertain or inform, that’s the trick.

A Millennial friend of mine Terryn Lawrence is full of sage advice and said it best. “Millennials check Pinterest all the time for quick “what’s for dinner” ideas. Offer a diverse selection of healthy, quick, easy and even adventurous options. Leverage your platform now and integrate Pinterest and in store shopping by directing the Millennials to recipes on line, while using these online recipes to drive traffic in store.” Well said my dear.

So go ahead and dip your toes into the Social Media arena, if you haven’t already and let those creative juices flow. There are Millennials within your mitts that would just love to help you get connected and stay connected to their generation….they live for it…literally.


Blue Skies Everyone

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