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Mom, How Do You Make Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie?

Written by Karin Sheridan

July 8, 2021

There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 pandemic has changed how and what my 3 Millennial children and their families have been eating. It’s been survival of the fittest and my kids love to eat. From learning how to make old family recipes to following a video and trying something new, I’ve seen it all this past year. Remember that great countertop mixer I bought as a wedding present? Well, it’s finally been unpacked after 6 years…because you can’t make a good sourdough bread without it.

The question is, will it last? Is it possible that the pandemic might have more of a lasting impact on the buying habits of the Millennial families? It’s no great revelation that Millennials have dubbed themselves as the Foodie Generation, but over the course of the pandemic they have taken a more hands on approach than ever before. The opportunity to engage a whole generation is at your fingertips. A recent study by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult has shown that more families will continue to dine out less and are planning to continue cooking at home. The intention to continue home cooking is especially strong among younger demographics. 43% of Gen Z respondents replied that their post-pandemic plans are to continue to cook at home more after the pandemic is over according to Smart Brief.

Last month my son actually texted and asked how to Brunoise Dice a squash. Being a modern millennial Grandmother I told him exactly what to do …YouTube it. Clearly, I had no idea! But it did get me thinking about our clients and how they could be using their audio to communicate, engage and drive sales in new ways knowing that post pandemic intentions are to cook at home more.

Shoppers are looking for more direction than ever before because they are tired of the same old foods, and why shouldn’t you be the one communicating options? Being local is more than just what you sell or where you are located, it’s being part of a family. If Millennials are reaching out for direction, give it to them. Offer recipe cards in-store, direct them to kiosks or websites, highlight meal prep deals, tell them about new items and broaden their horizons, they are actually open to it. Offer more in-store sampling or a cooking demonstration. We’ve been doing the pandemic long enough now to know how to safely do that.

If your Millennial tends to be a digital shopper find a way to provide a personal touch from you like a handwritten note or thank you with each purchase. Personalize the experience, include your website for a new recipe, cooking tips or digital ads. Make a connection. I order online from a great company called Grove monthly and each month without fail my box arrives with a huge smiley face, my name and a short note written in sharpie on the outside of the box. It probably took 2 minutes for them to do it but to me it makes it personal. Like I’m part of their family. I want to engage with them just like your shoppers will look forward to walking through your store doors.

Just remember your digital shopper will never be 100% digital, they’ll stop in for last minute items or maybe a special birthday steak dinner. Building loyalty with your shoppers whether digital or brick and mortar style is more important than ever. Communication will always be key to any relationship. Building a holistic Omni-Channel communication approach is necessary to engage all your shoppers wherever they are by providing a single consistent message to generate incremental sales and engage. Your audio marketing strategy needs to reflect and be an aggregate of all your omni-channels…not just one element.  Services, products, online options, community involvement, commitment to well-being, it’s all relevant to consumers. The shopping experience has evolved, especially over the past year. Communicate your brand voice with a unified message on your sales floor. You have their ear, use it. Take control of the entire shopping experience to influence buying decisions.

With years of experience in the grocery industry Adergy is just the company to help you develop an audio strategy that enhances your brand voice and engages shoppers from A to Z.

Communication is the common thread to engagement.



Blue Skies Everyone!









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