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Food For Thought…

Written by Karin Sheridan

June 9, 2021

As I watched one of the debates last year I couldn’t help but think about the similarities in how millennials shop for a candidate, and how they shop for food…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The irony is that there is very little difference between the two. I was hard pressed to find more than a smattering of millennials who sat through the debate……

Instead…They watch 28 second short sound bites. They’re swayed by peers….and visiting websites….and texting and re-texting and posting and re-posting and tweeting and re-tweeting…looking for a successful recipe without having to invest too much time.

Ironically, kind of a pre-packaged, portable organic answer to both.

Isn’t that how they shop in your grocery store? Aren’t those the very same methods I have been suggesting retailers implement to reach and garner millennials as a customer base? We’re trying to build loyalty, and so were the candidates. Tell millennials what you have and where to find it, let them know the benefits, make it as organic as possible and easy to carry, and they’re sold. Sounds like grocery shopping to me!

If the last year has taught us anything it’s the need to be adaptable at all costs. Conveying and communicating with the younger demographic isn’t as difficult as you think. Marketing to millennials is a long-term play because they are hard wired for unique, authentic, content-driven, honest experiences that cater to who they want to be. Since the pandemic you really have their ear with more home cooked meals being made and meal kit options.

On average, Gen Z and Millennials visit a grocery store three times a week.

“married millennials with children make the most weekly store visits. Because these married millennials go to the grocery store most often and spend the most money, the report suggests food retailers have the opportunity to target this segment to increase engagement and help make more sales” Food Industry Executive

Independent grocers are in the unique position of being able to adapt and provide an experience more so than a huge box store that doesn’t see faces, just wallets. Yes, we need to offer convenience services such as pick-up or on-line ordering because the climate requires it to stay relevant and fresh, but nothing will ever replace the personalization that you can communicate through audio.  For 30+ years Adergy have mastered the art of creating compelling audio strategies for grocery retailers, Millennials and Gen Z included. You just need the right words, in the right voice, at the right time. The 3 “E’s” Entertain, Engage and Educate. Marketing to young adults shouldn’t have to daunting. Adergy has educated ourselves on who millennials are and what they want so it’s second nature for us to implement audio strategies and communications that will get you great results. Words are powerful tools when used correctly…ask any politician.

I’m certainly not promoting politics…politics and food…just sounds like indigestion to me. What I am saying is that candidates have figured out that to build loyalty in millennials they have to reach them through the methods they prefer, and speak to them in a way that they understand…just like the omni-channel approaches we’re all now entertaining. Just a little food for though.

Blue Skies Everyone



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