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Extreme Couponing on Steroids…No Scissors Required

Written by Karin Sheridan

May 4, 2021

I can still remember the days when my scissors’ main purpose in life was clipping out those Sunday and Wednesday newspaper coupons. I’d organize them, plan around them and cherish the abundance of savings I just knew I was capitalizing upon. But my scissors are retired now.

I, like so many, have gone the way of digital coupons. Why not, I find them everywhere…and they’re convenient. My favorite is the in-store kiosk coupons. Those little kiosk machines are fantastic. Not only do I get relevant coupons, I get recipes and weekly flyers all in one stop. Now, I still go on line and check the couponing websites like coupons.com but more and more kiosks are starting to integrate with coupons.com right at the point of purchase, so those days may be numbered as well. Kiosks also avail the opportunity and means of producing store specific couponing to the independent retailer without it breaking the bank. Everyone’s heard me preach about the need to drive millennial sales to center store…well here is another way to do it.

Online coupons are not to be ignored either. Last year Progressive Grocer noted that digital coupon redemption in March increased 56.5% in the supermarket industry year over year. Not bad numbers if you ask me.

Take my Daughter In-law, Farin…please…(just kidding, I love her)…she’s a recipe girl. If she doesn’t have a recipe though, it doesn’t get made. Believe me I’ve tried to show her how to throw things together, but it’s not in the genes. I have to admit though, her pot roast it the best thing since sliced bread. The ironic thing is “I’m” the exception to the rule here. Research shows that Millennials are more apt to search for, and use recipes more than any other generation. I hate to sound redundant but, retailers need to take advantage of the opportunity and provide recipes to the mass quantity of foodie Millennials looking for the next great bite of food. Kiosks are just another way of doing just that. Combine recipes with coupons, coupons that have redemption rates reaching up to 60%, and you can target your best customers and make the Millennials shoppers of today your customer base of tomorrow.

Recently in SN I read that Millennials are the leading adapters of digital coupons and are doing so aggressively. On the average they are using 5.7 different methods to discover said coupons! That’s a lot people. No surprise but they also expect these brands to deliver relevant content beyond the coupons. SN reported that 44% want retailers to give them recipes along with coupons. Better yet, 53% desire to have retailers engage and deliver content based on where they are in the store. Sound familiar? It should…(I think it’s time we re-run an old blog of mineGeez You’re Just Shopping…Does It Always Have to Be An Experience).

So yes, my scissors may be retired…..but couponing is alive and well in the good ole’ US of A. On line coupons, website coupons, mobile coupons, kiosk coupons…Millennials are using them all. Making sure your shoppers know that you offer all these options is paramount. Incorporating your services, recipes guides and couponing deals into your audio platform for all to hear helps make for a happy shopper. I can’t say it enough, creating an Omni-Channel marketing approach that includes in-store audio as an element is no brainer. No where can you get more bang for your buck.

Offerings that provide convenience in today’s time is a great branding tool. Audio is a surefire way for every customer to know all the benefits and services you can provide them. The more ways you can digitally connect with each individual Millennial, the better your chances of making them a loyal and core base customer. And who doesn’t want to grow their customer base…please, raise your hand?


Blue Skies Everyone!

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