John Greenfield

CEO / President

Adergy is the unique and ever evolving creation of CEO and President John Greenfield. To understand Adergy is to understand John.
Raised in Conneautville Pennsylvania John’s mother instilled in him a great faith, respect and sharing. Working with his father in Howard’s Market Grocery, the family store, his father instilled responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit.
After graduation John attended Bethany College on a pre-med course majoring in Biology. His path was set. Then the Vietnam Draft Lottery occurred and life took an unexpected course drawing the lowest possible number on campus his senior year, 002-02. Naval Candidate School, raising a family, serving aboard the flag ship Commander Cruiser/Destroyer as a line officer in an engineering billet and ultimately rising to Lieutenant became his new course. His final year was spent serving in Pensacola, Florida where he again felt the stirrings of his entrepreneur spirit.
John went out into the world to make his own mark opening “Greenfields” a small men’s clothing store located in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1973. Retail and service was always at the root of John’s passion and he grew Greenfields into three department stores six resort stores, and a children’s apparel store spanning from Pensacola down the gulf coast to Destin. What made Greenfields such a success was superior customer service coupled with John’s ability to creatively advertise and communicate with his customers in a way that instilled loyalty and trust. With that, a new course was forged in the spirit of his father and John created AIRAD in 2000.
Like nothing before it, AIRAD was the first to deliver custom in-store messaging to specific grocery stores via KU-Band Satellite. Climbing on rooftops, aligning dishes, driving through the night in his Pontiac 6000 and recording advertising spots in the wee hours became John’s life as he grew AIRAD. Work that paid off when he became the uplink provider for KRG and SUPERVALU radio.
The company grew and technology started to change but John held firm to his belief that communication held the key to retail success. In 2000, Adergy as we know it today, opened its doors as the first broadband delivered store specific audio advertising company for independent grocers. John had come full circle and the rest is history.
Ask John what his greatest pleasure over the years has been and he will be quick to answer, the adoption of his sons Jonathon and David, and marrying his beautiful wife Nancy in 1991. Slightly teary eyed he will speak of the last days he spent with his parents Howard and Leona enjoying life, listening to music downtown in the park and laughing. A picture of them doing just that sits in his office today.


3261 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, 32563
Phone: 1-888-255-1105



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