On Hold Music

On Hold Music

Why wait for customers to come into your store, when you can capture their attention and get them ready to buy before they even get inside?

Adergy On Hold can make it happen. That’s because Adergy is one step ahead of the competition, ready to implement one of the most powerful audio marketing tools ever—on-hold marketing!

Adergy On Hold is a truly proactive tool/technology that grabs the attention of customers, with effective promotional messages while they’re waiting on the phone! On hold marketing’s proven success in generating customer awareness and building profits is legendary across thousands of industries. Food sales and service is one of them.

The Results Are In!

In independent studies AT&T, CNN, US WEST and others, including many marketing firms and trade publications have produced data based on the responses of both businesses and callers on hold.

According to a CNN survey-

  • Without messages or music nearly 60% of business callers placed on-hold will hang up
  • Almost 30% of these callers won’t call back

The results of an AT&T study cited-

  • 70% of businesses placing callers on hold with an average hold-time of 45 seconds.
  • Further, AT&T concluded that callers generally perceived “hold-time” to be-
    longer than it actually was during “silence on hold” VS shorter than it actually was during “messages & music”.

A study by US WEST reported that when companies played information on hold-

  • caller retention increased by 40%
  • inquiries increased by as much as 15%
  • requests for services increased by as much as 12%

These conclusions from a study done by the North American Telecommunications Association reveal a clear pattern-

  • callers hang-up the fastest during silence on hold
  • callers will hold approximately 30 seconds longer hearing music
  • callers will hold up to 3 minutes longer hearing music with information

And making on-hold marketing part of your sales program is as easy as 1-2-3.

In addition to our great in-store audio marketing services, why not let Adergy help your business stay one-step ahead? Put the power of on-hold marketing to work for your store, today. You’ll be glad you did.

To that end, we employee a team of talented, creative and professional ad content writers, multi-lingual voice talent and account managers. All of whom will manage every aspect of Adergy’s audio content delivery system for you. Our team uses state-of-the-art recording equipment and audio editing software, all conveniently centralized at our offices. No part of Adergy’s service process is outsourced, allowing us to promptly provide you complete beginning to end service and support.


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