Audio Advertising

Audio Advertising

Your in-store audio advertising is extremely powerful, and is a direct link to customers who have already made the important decision to visit your location.

Each week Adergy broadcasts over 14,500 audio advertisements over our extensive network, in multiple languages. Reaching out to, and directly influencing the most important customers in the world! Those currently, walking your aisles, and at your registers! Adergy gives voice to your store and allows for the vital opportunity to connect with your shoppers at the point of purchase.

Adergy will help create a sustainable, tailored weekly audio advertising plan incorporating your weekly print price and product sales, digital promotions, loyalty program offerings and departmental specials. Enjoy the benefits of our in-house recording studio, copy writers, production staff and professional voices. The resulting ROI is proven, effective and easily measured in sales lifts.

Timing is a key ingredient in delivering audio messages to your customers.

Effective audio advertising and content must be kept fresh, pointed, brief and creative invoking though & inspiration.

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  1. Over 70% of all purchase decisions are made in-store
  2. 66% of consumers are impulse buyers
  3. 65% of consumers say that are influenced to buy based on audio marketing
  4. 20% sales lift using audio advertising at the POP
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The potential influences of a well planned audio program are limited only by our ability to imagine uses.

Audio advertising is only the beginning of a complete and effective Omni-channel marketing platform.

To that end, we employee a team of talented, creative and professional ad content writers, multi-lingual voice talent and account managers. All of whom will manage every aspect of Adergy’s audio content delivery system for you. Our team uses state-of-the-art recording equipment and audio editing software, all conveniently centralized at our offices. No part of Adergy’s service process is outsourced, allowing us to promptly provide you complete beginning to end service and support.


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