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Our goal? Forging partnerships with retailers, focusing on creating a unique and productive shopping environment. Engaging your shoppers, from the first moment of their visit to the last, building a customer experience dedicated to your branding and marketing goals.

With the plethora of today’s content delivery methods, it’s vital to have a holistic branding and marketing strategy. Adergy's approach increases customer interaction with a store's social, digital, web, print and community marketing. Quickly and easily lifting customer awareness while setting forth a call to action at the most vital stage of the shopping experience - the point of purchase.

Adergy's digital messaging entertains and engages shoppers while promoting weekly sales, specific product focus, and store or community events. Meanwhile seamlessly assisting marketing platforms currently in place. Such as boosting customer loyalty programs and social media campaigns, as well as e-commerce, coupon deals and email blasts.

We believe in providing attainable, professional solutions to independent and corporate retailers. Our store-specific audio marketing, media support, and store branding produces measurable results.

Our Specialties

Team Leaders

John Greenfield

CEO / President

Adergy is the unique and ever evolving creation of CEO and President John Greenfield. To understand Adergy is to understand John.

LeeAnn Taylor

Vice President

As VP of Adergy, LeeAnn has found her niche and channeled her passion for people, communication and a creative drive into great work that engages target audiences and delivers proven results.

Karin Sheridan

Director of Sales and Brand Merchandising

Karin joined Adergy almost by accident and completely on a whim in July of 2014. That’s when the fireworks happened.

The Team

Vanessa Wright

Senior Account Manager/Voice Talent

Heather Bergan

IT Manager

Cary Carraballo

IT Manager/Vocal Talent

Steve Mattern

CPG Traffic Coordinator/ Senior Account Manager

Nichole Constantin

Account Manager / IT Support

Jared Peevy

Director of Information Systems & Development

Jeremy Branch

Copywriter/Voice Talent

Wendy Burbank


Voice Talent

Jared Willets

Voice Talent

Karen Jurkowich

Voice Talent

Kevin King

Voice Talent

Ashley Chisholm

Voice Talent

Paul Stadden

Voice Talent

Karen Kelly

Voice Talent


3261 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, 32563
Phone: 1-888-255-1105



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